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WordPress Website Design Starter Package

Designing and building your own website is just a dream for some small business owners and for others a terrifying prospect. WordPress allows you to be in control of your own website and not rely on 3rd parties for updates that may only take a few minutes but you wait weeks to get done. You can learn to build your own WordPress website from scratch or, if you don’t have the time (or the inclination) we can put together a branded framework for you to simply add  your content to.

This can be a very cheap option to getting a website designed and created for you. All you need to buy is a domain name, hosting package and have a digital version of your company branding and we can arrange for our web team to create the branded framework in half a day at a cost of £250.

We can arrange for them to buy a domain name and hosting on your behalf or better still we can advise you on what you should buy, from where and how much you should be paying for it, at no extra cost.

If you want our web design team to add content to your website to complete it then we can arrange for our copywriter to give you a quote and we will tell you how much to add beautiful images too. The cost will depend on how many pages you want and how much information you supply initially.

We would advise you to attend one of John Jelly’s WordPress workshops to learn how to maintain the website yourself in a time efficient way. That way you stay in control and have a website that is up to date.

If you want to get your website started then drop us a line, we’ll arrange a chat and pop it in the diary. You could have your brand new website up and looking fab in a week.

For more information about getting your website designed, built or just spruced up please contact the Blue Giraffe team  on 07986290974 or visit the Blue Giraffe website.