I have worked with computers for most of my adult life, since the age of 24. It’s a world I am familiar with, comfortable in and to some extent, happy as a pig in clover. Depending on your age you may not have grown up around computers, or you may simply find understanding technology a bit tough. That’s OK. Not everyone is wired the same. I’m a geek with a major creative streak. You are you, with your own unique talents.

I’ve been a parent over 17 years so far and my child has been raised in a world where computers are part of everyday life. Mobile technology is normal for her just as footballs and skipping ropes, toy cars and climbing trees was normal to my childhood. As a parent involved with computers do I worry less about what my child can do on hers? No way! I am all too aware of the potential dangers – but many of my friends are not.

When Sue Millar from All Words Matter suggested I get involved with a brand new luxury parenting magazine called Mamalife as their Social Media Columnist you can bet I said yes. Writing for parents gives me not only the chance to tell them the dangers of today’s technological world but more importantly how to limit exposure to those dangers for both them and their kids. I’m getting the chance to educate hundreds of parents on how to protect their kids better online. What better reason to be involved. Even if I just help protect one child.

The magazine was launched on February 10th 2017 and hopefully over this year the readership will increase. That way we can help even more parents understand, in simple English, how a few easy things can keep kids safer. It isn’t all about the technology either. I talk about how I handled Social Media use with my own daughter, the conversations we had and the rules I put in place. I’m keeping it personal – I’m a parent first and a Social Media Professional second.

From a business perspective, well it certainly should establish credibility and trust with my prospects. Bonus! If you have the option to write for a quality publication, either online or offline, have a go. I can recommend a fantastic editor if you need one!

If you want to know more about writing articles/columns or even your own book then please get in touch with my fabulous editor Sue Millar from All Words Matter. If you want to understand more about Social Media Security then please call me on 07986290974 or read the Mamalife  article.