You will probably have your own view on Email Marketing. You may think it’s a complete waste of time and effort, it just ends up in the spam box. You want to try it but just don’t know where to start. Or you may think it’s just fabulous! This article is my personal view point based on my many years experience of Digital Marketing. We are going to look at why I consider Email Marketing to be an essential part of any Marketing Strategy for those involved in Networking Marketing (or Multi Level Marketing if you  prefer).

Most network marketing seems to be product based. Most of these products are consumable (they get used up) and need replenishing. Things like make-up, weight loss drinks, health supplements and beauty products are the most common I see at networking events. As a network marketer you go to a lot of trouble to get your customer to buy the product from you as opposed to another network marketer. You have more competition in some ways that other more traditional business models. You are not only competing with conventional high street stores, large online retailers, other MLM businesses but often network marketers from your own company!

Let’s look at an example. I will choose weight loss products as my example since these are generally very popular. Let’s say you represent Blue Giraffe Enterprises and you sell Weight Loss Miracle Formula X. As a customer I can choose where I buy my weight loss formula from. I can pop to my local Asda and choose an off the shelf shake such as Slimfast. I go networking a lot so I could choose a product from Herbalife, Arbonne, Juice Plus, FLP or I could choose your Miracle Formula X. If I choose your Miracle Formula X then I could buy from one of your fellow Blue Giraffe Enterprises distributors.  You made an impression on me so I bought it from you! Great you made a sale! The box is going to last me a month. 6 weeks later and you haven’t bumped into me again. I however, have met 4 other distributors from your company – all telling me how great Miracle Formula X is for me. I have also met 8 rival company distributors who tell me their product is better in some way. How do you make sure I buy my next supply from you?

This is where Email Marketing comes into play. You can email me for free! That means a repeat order from me cost you nothing to get. Don’t rely on my memory – there is far too much going on in my personal and professional life to remember everything, lovely as you are. An email from you that drops into my inbox suddenly gives me that small reminder that I needed to order my next lot of Miracle Formula X from you. So I place my order. I did it because you gently reminded me to – without asking me directly to.

Now next month I’ve lost all the weight I wanted to so I don’t need Miracle Formula X any more. This month your email mentions a new product you have out – I might give that a try! Get the idea?

Now I’m not going to order every month and not every product you email me about is going to appeal to me. The point is that you are there in my inbox every month/week reminding me of your existence. So when it is time for me to buy again I think of you first – you are ‘top of mind’ for me when I am in a buying mood. I’m far more likely to make my future purchases from you – which cost you nothing in marketing! Why wouldn’t you use this advantage?

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