As an ex web designer/developer of course I’m going to say you must have a website. But let’s look at some practical reasons why this is true for most businesses.

1 Credibility

In today’s digital age people expect you to have a website. It shows you are a ‘proper’ business.

2 Visibility

Your business needs more than one marketing channel for maximum exposure. It’s a case of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. You need a focal point for your marketing that you are in control of. This should be your website. (See our free download for more on this.)

3 Brand Awareness

You want your brand to be recognised by as many people as possible. Not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter. A consistent look across multiple marketing channels helps build trust.

4 Searchability

“Google it” has become a common phrase in the English language. So when somebody “Googles” what you do you want to be found. Having a website increases your chances of them finding your business over your competitors.

5 Risk Avoidance

Facebook regularly changes. You have no control over Social Media platform changes. Speaking from personal experience you can lose your Facebook page overnight unexpectedly. If that is your only channel to market then you’re stuffed.

6 Showcasing

On Social Media people see a snapshot of what you offer. Driving people to your website allows you to showcase everything you offer.

7 Competitive Edge

Your competitors probably have a website. You don’t want to lose out on potential customers to them.

People will give you even more reasons that you need a website. Some people will tell you not to bother. These are the main reasons that I, as an independent Digital Consultant, think you should have a website.

If you want to talk over your individual circumstances then let’s have a chat!