Many small business owners have heard about SEO but don’t know what it is or what it could do for their business. OK so what is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?

Wikipedia lists it as “The process of affecting the visibility of a websit or web page in a search engines unpaid results – often referred to as “natural”, “organic” or “earned” results. So what’s that in plain English? Getting your web page to the first page of Google (or Bing or Yahoo). That’s a very simplistic answer but feel free to stop reading right here.

Still here? Then you want to know a bit more about what SEO is. There is a lot to understand so we will just give you a basic outline here. Remember this is a very simplified view of SEO.

There are two sides to SEO, On-Page and Off-Page. On-Page is about the changes you can make to your website so Google likes you! Off-Page is everything else.

What does Google want?

  • Quality Content – write for your customer
  • Relevent Content – stay on topic
  • You to be an authority on your topic
  • Your site to be trustworthy
  • Speed – does your site load quickly

And today we can throw in an extra one into the mix  – mobile responsive (adapts to a mobile device without you doing anything extra).

At the end of the day Google wants to see your website as a great place to send it’s visitors! If you have promised your reader that they will learn how to look after their Blue Giraffe and your pages each explain how to look after your Blue Giraffe then you are on the radar for Google to list for searches on ‘How do I look after my Blue Giraffe?’. If your website gets votes that it is a great site for learning to look after Blue Giraffes then Google will list it higher in those results.  It gets votes from links from other sites including Social Media.

You can affect both these things through SEO! So What is SEO? An important part of your Digital Marketing Strategy but not the end of the world!