Story telling has been around a very long time. It was a traditional way to convey information that needed to be passed down from generation to generation. Nothing has changed except the medium available to tell our stories. Story telling is still a great way to share information.

There are obvious ways to include story telling in your marketing. Things like Case Studies and Testimonials tell a story – the story of what you did to make a customer happy. The difference between the two is generally that in a Case Study you tell the story and in a Testimonial your customer tells the story. It’s just a matter of perspective.

You would think that authors are natural story tellers but it’s surprising how many don’t see the stories in their marketing. You have to take a step back from your business and look as a customer would. Ask yourself – what have I done lately that really stood out to me? How did I make a customer happy?

“While taking a Marketing Fit Club class we were discussing Competitor Analysis. I asked my students to think of 5 competitors, direct or indirect, and look at what they did online. One of my students was delighted that 2 of her main competitors where not doing as well getting engagement as she had thought. It was a real eye opener. Another was shocked at just how badly her main competitor handled Social Media. They both learned a valuable lesson – don’t assume anything. Look at what the facts are. “

You see what I did there? I could just have made a statement about looking at your the facts before making an assumption but I wove it into a very short story. This put into context and gave examples of what I meant. It’s a way of helping your customers to understand your point and showing it in action. It also shows you that I teach students in an interactive, hands-on way because they were looking at their own competitors!

There are lots of stories in your business. I challenge you to go find one. Then write it. It’s not about being a wonderful author – it’s about telling your story in your way. It doesn’t have to be written. You can make it into an audio file (pod cast) or a video. Don’t embellish, just say it simply. What did you do, who did you do it for, what was the result.

Good luck and let me know when you have published your first story whether that’s in a blog post, as a Case Study or on Social Media. I look forward to reading it.