If you want Google to show you the love and offer your website to searchers on the first page of results then links are your best friend.  But we aren’t talking just any old link here!

Let us consider how much weight different types of links bring to your ranking efforts.  Let’s say you own a website that is all about paper flowers.  Your audience is the crafters and card makers, both hobby and professional.  So what types of website would you like to have a link from – yes, we are talking about other websites linking TO your website.

Well, if you have a Social Media account that would be a good place to start – you control that so it’s a quick and easy link you can get.  If that link is from your Facebook business page all about your paper flowers then that equates to a lot of Google brownie points! Why?  Because you are talking about the same subject as your site – Google call it ‘relevance’ and it is the most important factor in link building.

Having links to your site from irrelevant pages isn’t useless but you would be better finding other pages more like yours.  So, to return to our example of paper flowers, a link from a page about bras is very nice but not at all relevant to our subject.  A link from a paper supplier or a craft shop would be far more relevant – and so better for Google!

How much more weight would the craft shop link carry?  Well besides getting more human visitors to click the link Google would be around 8 times happier!

Even when getting links from free directories remember to choose the most appropriate category to your website subject!  It all helps!

Avoid having your link on a page full of other links – Google isn’t too keen on this method.  Better to have a little sentence on a page that introduces your business and then offers the link.

There are lots of other tips we could give about building the best linking strategy but we will keep those for our workshops.  Next time we’ll be talking jargon – and helping you understand some of the basic terms you will see bandied around.  In the meantime, if you are interested in one of the workshops just drop us a note!