You can have thousands of visitors to your website each and every day but if they aren’t buying what’s the point? It’s important to be able to convert those visitors into buyers by providing them with a pleasurable experience and an easy journey. Google Analytics can tell you what your current conversion rate is (the percentage of customers that convert to sales) but it doesn’t tell you how to increase it. So lets take a look at some typical things you can do to improve sales on your website.

Bee clear

Ensure your website isn’t cluttered with unnecessary stuff. Only include what is necessary for your customer to make a decision to buy, pop it in the basket and give you their dosh!

Bee consistent

All your product images should be the same size and dimensions. Your message should be the same. Your colour scheme and layout should be consistent across all your product ranges. Make the visitor feel comfortable and clear they are still on the same website.

Bee descriptive

Make sure you give enough information for your visitor to make the decision to buy. If they can’t get the information they need then they will look somewhere else, on somebody else’s site.

Bee appropriate

Include the information appropriate to your products/services. If you sell tech then your customers probably want to know all the detailed specifications, it’s a logical purchase. If you sell cushions then your customer will be interested in some of the more technical details like size but mostly they will want to know what it’s like to own that cushion, it’s an emotive buy.

Bee simple

Don’t make it hard to find a product/service – multiple levels of clicking to get to the end product/service is off-putting. Make it easy to add to the basket, book your services or at least give you a call. If you can allow the visitor to do everything online then you should!

At the end of the day it’s much easier to persuade more people to buy than get more people to visit your website. It’s cheaper and of course more logical – why would you go to all the trouble to get a valuable visitor and not persuade them to buy?

Feel free to ask us about improving your conversion rates!