Back in the dim and distant past (circa 1994) of the internet there were a mere few thousand websites on the net competing for a small audience and just having a website made you the king of the hill.

Today we are rapidly approaching 3/4 billion websites with much more traffic available to all of these sites.  In June 2013 there were approximately 672,985,183 individual websites on the World Wide Web, 3% down on the previous year.  These websites had an audience of roughly 2,756,198,420 internet users.

So you can see the importance of having a website has substantially increased over the years.  Google is still the largest search engine and the search engine of choice for the majority of the western world.  Last year Google had approximately 5,922,000,000 searches per day worldwide – wow those are big numbers.

Google’s complicated algorithms change on a regular basis but there have been constant factors in every version.  One of those constants is the value of good content.  So the text on your website has always been, and will remain, a vitally important factor in how much Google loves you.

Google loves to see the content on your site grow and change.  But that isn’t to say that you should harm your rankings by constantly changing your home page text.  Having a blog that is an integral part of your site is great idea BUT you must make sure you update it on a regular basis.  That can be once per month or once per week so long as it is regular.

If you own an online store then you should consider adding new products on a regular basis too.  This will help keep Google coming back to ‘crawl’ your website and change its ranking – and if you get the formula right, get it headed to result number one.

Why should Google come back and visit your website if nothing there has changed in months?  It has no interest in crawling websites that don’t have something new to show it, it is always hungry for more unique original content, so go feed it!