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Social Media Training

The number of times I hear “I waste hours on Social Media, does it really work?”,  “I don’t get Twitter” or “How am I supposed to get business through Social Media?”. Many Small Business owners know they should use Social Media but aren’t sure where to start. Our answer is to start with some Social Media Essentials Training.

Social Media is an important part of any modern marketing plan. Your Social Media activity can affect where you are seen in local listings. Even Google is looking at your Social Media Engagement to help determine your ranking. Facebook and Instagram pages are appearing on Google search results in their own right.

Training is an important part of the growth of you, your staff and your business. Social Media Training makes sense. As a business owner you can’t know everything about everything but you should know something about all the tools you use for your business. Social Media is just another tool you can use for free to get the word out.

Our Social Media Training gives you a working knowledge of the most popular platforms. You can choose a workshop or 1-2-1 training to learn what is practical, possible and best practice when using Social Media for Business. Learn as much or as little as you like but learn something.


You can book any of our workshops online or by calling 07986290974. If you just want a chat because you are unsure where to start arrange a coffee with our trainer.