Gone are those days when a business could avoid taking part in this new fangled Social Media fashion.  Google now considers how your business acts in the Social Media world to help determine where your site will be ranked in the organic (left hand) listings.  Social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are now more frequently associated with good rankings in Google’s index.

So you are going to have to take the plunge and get involved with at least some Social Media.  We consider that the absolute minimum you should sign up for is Google+.  This makes sense because it belongs to Google and it’s Google you are trying to persuade to rank your site well.

Creating your own Google+ Business Page is a good idea if you are a local business – Google+ Pages are now replacing the old Google Places listings.  Those are the listings that appear with the little balloon flags next to them with a letter inside.

Give your Social Media a simple boost.  Make sure you fill out as much of your profile as possible on whichever Social Media tools you choose to engage in.  Be that Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or anything else that you can list your business website in, be sure to make the most of it.

But it will work much harder for you if actually plan your strategy and take part in the Social Media arena on a regular basis – and we aren’t talking once a month here.

So no more sitting on the sidelines.  If you want Google to take you seriously and rank your website on the first page then get stuck in.  Post on a regular basis, include the occasional link to your website and encourage your customers to engage with you on as many platforms as you can manage (even if that’s just the one).

How important is Social Media to your Google position?  Vital.