A #NoFilter approach to Instagram for businesses.

It’s 2019 and people have jobs that revolve around posting on Instagram which, as a 20-something, broke student I am insanely envious of. But you don’t need to fill everyone’s feed with selfies promoting various, seemingly identical clothing to earn money through Instagram.

If your business is visual (beauty, fashion, photography, etc.) and you’re not on Instagram head over there asap and sign up. Instagram is the perfect social media platform for anyone whose work revolves around the photographable.

For beauty-based businesses, Instagram is a must. Not only do people browse through Instagram for hair and makeup inspiration, but they use it to check that you’re really as good as you say you are before they book in. And by they, I mean me and other like-minded individuals.

After a few hairdressing disasters, I won’t let just anyone touch my hair, so, after finding somewhere with good reviews, I headed over to their Instagram to check not only the quality, but whether what they were doing was right for me.

The more permanent the treatment, the more important it is to demonstrate your skills: you can wash off bad makeup, but you can’t wash off a bad tattoo!

You don’t have to have a visual business to make Instagram work for you. Think about what you want to see on Instagram and what you like. Do you have to travel around for work a lot? Take pictures of some pretty scenery on your travels. Spend your working life going from restaurants to cafes? Get snapping pictures of your food, drink, cute décor, etc. Have a pet and work from home? Get them to “help” with your work. You’d be surprised how many people will follow your pet. I know I follow a few too many…

Creativity is key.

Charlie the Labrador “helping” MungBean Kreationz

However, if you can’t incorporate Instagram in to your business, don’t force it. It doesn’t suit every business, but there’s plenty of other social media platforms that will.

The key thing about a business Instagram, like any other business-orientated social media account, is exposure. Each follower may not necessarily use your services, but regular and interesting posts will keep you in their minds so, if they need you, or someone asks for a business that does what you do, they’ll be more likely to recommend you.

When you’re building your Instagram presence, hashtags and adding locations are your friends. People can search using these criteria, meaning your post will show up for those search terms and more people are more likely to see it. If you’ve visited somewhere for a coffee with a client and have taken a quick picture there, you can also tag them in the post. If the place likes your photo, they can repost it, meaning not only will your followers see your post, but theirs will too.

Before you start posting on Instagram, remember that quality is important: nobody wants to see a dimly lit, grainy photo. You can adjust your photo on Instagram itself; increase the brightness, adjust the contrast, make it pop! Over-edited photos are just as bad as low-quality photos though, whatever you post should look believable; you want your photo to perfectly capture what you see with your own eyes and sometimes the camera doesn’t do that justice. Well, that’s what I tell myself when I look amazing in the mirror and my selfies just aren’t reflecting that anyway!


  • Instagram is perfect for visual businesses but not exclusive to them.
  • Get creative – what would you want to see?
  • Don’t force it if you don’t have enough content.
  • Quality is key.