The decision to go into business for myself was a bit of a no-brainer. I was made redundant at 8 months pregnant. Trust me, nobody even wants to interview you! Coming from a Corporate world I was painfully aware of the need to look totally professional. If other people were to take me seriously as a business then I had to take my business seriously.

So it still surprises me today that so many small and micro business owners don’t take their business as seriously as they should. I see examples of poor quality business cards with a Hotmail or GMail email address, no web address or worse, a Wix or WordPress (or similar) web address. I’ve seen examples of business cards with no name or contact info too. Seriously?

Poor quality in your business cards, website or any other marketing materials gives the impression that your customer will get poor goods or services from you. Quality shows that you have taken care and pride in your marketing materials and are much more likely to the same care and pride in your goods and services. Now how do you want o be seen again?

Using a Hotmail/GMail, or other non-domain related, email address makes you look like a hobbyist rather than a professional business person. The same goes for a free domain name from the likes of Wix or WordPress. Buy yourself a proper domain name, it isn’t expensive. To me it was imperative to have a professional domain name, website and email address and invest in decent quality business cards. I’m a professional. Those whose first impression of me is my website or business card know I’m a professional and that I will provide a professional service. Those who know me personally know I expect quality and professionalism from those I deal with.

If you are guilty of not taking your email address seriously then it’s time to get your professional identity sorted! Take yourself seriously and others will take you seriously. Take your business seriously and watch it grow!