Owning an online store is a whole new world and of course you want to share in the Google love.  A quick and easy way for Google to love you is to ensure that your individual products are optimised.

Think about what your customer is going to look for if they were looking for that particular product.  Let us say it’s ‘Frilly Knickers’.  So you need your ‘Product Page Title’ to include the phrase ‘Frilly Knickers’ close to the beginning.   Of course your Product Name and Product Description are going to include the phrase too.

You could also think about including additional related words in the description like frills, panties or briefs.  Be creative with how you write and make sure your product descriptions are written only for your website – Google likes unique, don’t bore it by using your supplier descriptions.

Make sure that your Category descriptions reflect the items they contain – so your Frilly Knickers would live in a Category called ‘Knickers’, Briefs’ or ‘Panties’.

A little extra is to ensure all your image file names relate to the chosen phrase too so you may want to name this one FrillyKnickers.jpg or similar.

This is just a tiny bit of what is necessary to optimise your site.  You can learn more about optimisation of products and websites in general on our ‘Introduction to SEO’ course.