So here is our 4th and final part of the Safety First blog posts.

We have already covered Anti Virus and Malware software, Password security, spam and phishing emails.  To continue from our last post this one is about Social Media nasties.

The same basic rules apply on Social Media as in email safety, don’t click on it’.  You can add to that ‘if it seems too good to be true then it’s probably phishing or like farming!’

The number of posts I see on Facebook in particular, saying that Apple are giving away iPads, Macs, iPhones because the packaging is damaged – get real people! And then there is the beautiful BMW or Lamborghini prize – yes I’d love to be given a Lamborghini but it isn’t happening anytime soon.

Facebook don’t donate for clicks and likes of anything.  Don’t be taken in by the sob story. 

There are sadly very undesirable people on all Social Media platforms that use people’s gullibility, naivety or caring nature to trick them.  They collect likes for fake pages then sell those pages for lots of money (this is called like farming).

There are other pages on Facebook that sadly contain malware in links on those pages.  Please consider if you really should click on that link! The enticing promotion or video probably doesn’t even exist.

You should follow ‘Hoax Slayer’ who will keep you posted on the latest scams and hoaxes. The best form of defence is knowing your enemy.

You also see those enticing little snippets on Twitter, Instagram messages or Messenger messages where you are mentioned personally. ‘I can’t believe you did this’ or ‘is this really you’ style links are going to infect your Sociale Media and propagate themselves to look like you sent this to all your friends. Don’t be tempted to click on things like this – just tell your friend who supposedly sent it so they can change their password and let their other friends know it is spam.

If you think you may have already clicked inadvertently on one of these links then you should change your password, un-like that like farming page and tell your friends you are sorry you shared it and recommend they read our blog posts.

We also now highly recommend having 2 factor authentication turned on for all Social Platforms that support it. I know it’s a pain to have to take an extra step when logging in BUT it is well worth it. Most 2 factor systems will send a message to your phone with a passcode for you to enter on their website during login. A couple send an email and Google sends a message to you email and your phone, just to check it’s you!

I hope you have enjoyed this series of blogs. There are plenty more posts about various aspects of online business. Feel free to take a browse.

Stay safe out there folks! If you want to book us to do a free talk to your group, tribe, customers about stayig safe online then giveus a call on 07986290974