Starter guide to WordPress with SiteGround hosting


First Steps to self-hosting a WordPress(.org) website with SiteGround as your host.


Paying for your own independent hosting for your website, (where it lives), generally works out cheaper than taking hosting as part of another package.  For example Siteground hosting will cost between £40 and £145 per year depending on your requirements, (we will talk about that later), or you could be paying over £200 for something that started out as free.

You retain control while benefitting from the support offered by your host which should include backing up (saving) your website on a regular basis.  This document is designed to walk you through buying your own web hosting and then installing the WordPress framework ready to build your new website.

Remember you can use an existing domain name without having to move it to the host company.  You would then have a different login for your domain (web address identifier e.g. to your hosting.