Twitter: First Steps to Twitter for business

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If you are mystified by Twitter, think it’s just too frightening or simply want to use it but don’t know where to start then this workshop is ideal for you.


Product Description

Twitter is a scary place for some business owners. The fast paced conversation style Social Media platform isn’t for everyone. It can appear that it will take up too much of your valuable time to add Twitter into an already full diary.

Spending a hands-on 3 hours can solve those issues for you. Learn about what Twitter is and how it works, including the unique language that has sprung up around this Social Media platform.  Understand the size and impact that Twitter has on the business world and how powerful a marketing tool it could be for you.

This 3 hour workshop provides an introduction to using Twitter for business to give you the confidence to try it for yourself.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Tweet for your business in less than 15 minutes per day
  • Improve your Interaction/Engagement with your audience
  • Increase your followers (fan base) increasing awareness of your brand
  • Measure your results so you know it’s worth the effort

All our workshops are hands-on so you are not just learning what to do for your business but you are actually doing it too. Our trainers are very friendly and believe that having a bit of fun aids learning.

Tweet with confidence, reserve your place.