Marketing Fit Club – Your personal Digital Marketing Mentor


Starting on Wednesday 11th May 2022. 10am to 1pm once per month (2nd Wednesday) with homework between!

Get your business into great Digital Marketing ‘shape’ with your very own Digital Marketing Mentor! These sessions have been described as ‘a slimming club’ for Marketing! Monthly group sessions allow you to plan and analyse your marketing and encourage you to carry out your marketing tasks on a regular basis. Everything is done is an easy and structured way.

You get the added advantage of market research through the group too. I try to keep things fun but we are there to work! (There’s no gain without pain, as the saying goes!)


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Marketing Fit Club

I used John Jelly when they ran a Marketing Fit Club group. Jan has a very easy-going teaching style and the hints and tips I picked up from the course I’m still using today. Highly recommended!

Dan Borley
Dan the Mortgage Man

…helped with my business considerably…

I have just completed a 6 months marketing course with Jan. I feel it has helped me and my business considerably. Jan provides practical solutions and has a great style of delivery. Jan always goes the extra mile to help me and it’s good to know that she cares about my business. Highly recommended.

Simon Downing
Downing Lifestyle Photography

…massively interesting, insightful and …useful!

Massive thanks for today. I found that few hours massively interesting, insightful and most importantly I suppose, what we covered is incredibly useful! Looking forward to the next one guys, that was so productive I can’t put it into words. Awesome💯
Pete Howell
PT and Gym Owner

Marketing Fit Club

Kirsty Giraldo
Tropic Ambassador

These support sessions are a must if you are committed to improving your digital marketing but feel like you’re in need of a little extra help to get going. Your membership fee will get you a monthly face to face meeting with a set group of members. This is a 6 month course and we consider this the best way to get you into good habits so you do your marketing consistently and productively. For each session you will get:

  • Accountability – just like at a slimming club you will ‘weigh in’ each month with what you have achieved and we can look at any areas where you feel you need some extra help to get your marketing in shape.
  • Analysis – Look at your current marketing to see what is working, and what needs addressing.
  • Research – are you marketing to the right people with the right message? You’ll learn from Fit Club just how to tell!
  • Durability – be able to sustain your marketing efforts.
  • Visibility – making sure your business is visible to your potential/current customers.
  • Accountability – did we mention that? A metaphorical kick up the bum each month.
  • Reporting – keeping track of just how well you are doing with simple reports.
  • Knowledge – filling in any gaps and learning extra skills to help you market more effectively

For this to work for you and the group you must commit to attending at least 6 months of meetings, attend every month and be prepared to actively participate in the group.

"Jan inspires me to try new methods of marketing and helps me plan it step by step. I've saved a fortune compared to what it would have cost me to pay someone to do the marketing for me." Anna, Massage Therapist. Relax Therapies, Wirral

To get the most from these sessions you should have a website and be using Social Media/Email Marketing already to some extent. You will need to have Google Analytics installed on your website (if yo have one). If any of this is a challenge to you, please speak to Jan before your first meeting.

You can still do this without having a website or if you are a Franchise business.

Each month you will get the proverbial kick up the backside to do your marketing but this doesn’t mean that the meetings will be judgemental. If you haven’t completed your tasks we will look at the reasons why and help you put processes in place to overcome those challenges in future months. The meetings are to support you and help you achieve your goals, not chastise you.

"Jan explains the basics of marketing and more.. In a simple non geeky way. I love keeping track of my results from posts. I recognise what posts will reach a wider audience and when to post these. This has brought me peace of mind as I am learning to do it right.I have a plan and I can't wait to get started." Hayley, Local Shop Owner

As part of the package you will join an Exclusive Facebook group limited to the members of your Marketing Fit Club group. This is so you can support each other, ask questions and get help outside of the actual meetings.

I am restricting each group to just 5 members as experience shows this is a good number, small enough so everyone gets attention but big enough so lots of ideas can be shared.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get your marketing into great shape, make sure you book your place in the Marketing Fit Club and get all the benefits of having your own Digital Marketing Mentor!