Facebook: Easy steps to build your Utility Warehouse (UWDC) business with Facebook

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Facebook can be successfully used to talk to your potential customers and connect with potential new team members. This workshop has been designed to teach you, as a Utility Warhouse Distributor, how to use Facebook effectively while obeying UWDC rules and guidance.


Product Description

It can be scary and time consuming to market a business that relies on personal relationships the way UWDC does. You don’t want to upset your family and friends but you do need to get the word out to increase your customer base and, perhaps more importantly, build your team.

This workshop helps you to quickly master the basics. Effectively use Facebook to market your UWDC business. Connect with real people who are current or potential customers. Learn to be yourself and write relaxed, friendly posts. Understand the power of Facebook as a marketing tool to grow your team. Get tips on saving time and effort. Learn to more successfully market your UWDC business in 30 minutes or less per day.

Take away the fear and frustration associated with learning new skills. In 3 hours you learn practical, effective techniques from an experienced Digital Trainer. Your trainer has used the techniques she teaches to market her own and her clients business for over 12 years.

The Workshop teaches you:

  • To identify the difference between personal profiles and business pages
  • How to use UWC branding within the rules
  • To get to grips with Social Media language
  • How to identify what and when to post
  • The reason for shares, comments and likes
  • To recognise why Planning and Scheduling helps
  • How to identify basic minimum security settings

To take part in this Workshop you should have:

  • A Facebook personal profile.
  • A Facebook business page – even if it has nothing on it.
  • A laptop (use a tablet if you must but you will be restricted as to what you can do)

You could spend months watching videos and reading articles online. You still have to translate that knowledge to your business. Or you could spend 3 hours with us at this workshop and learn exactly how this works for YOU as a UWDC distributor. All our workshops are hands-on so you are not just learning what to do for your business but you are actually doing it too. Our trainer is very friendly and believes that having a bit of fun aids learning. All students are automatically eligible for support group membership.

Discount for Team Leaders: Team Leaders are eligible for a discount if you host the training and have 5 of your team members attend. We just need somewhere for 7 of us to sit and connect to the Internet. Call 07986 290 974 to find out more.

“Did the digital media via Facebook geared specifically for utility warehouse discount distributors. Throughly enjoyed. Easy to learn, and even was taught some new tricks on Facebook. Plus the course was within the UWDC guidelines. I would fully recommend any new and old distributor to do this course…” John Scott, UWDC Distributor, Wirral

We will only take 6 people per workshop so you need to book now to secure your place. We only run one of these Facebook for UWDC Distributors per quarter at most. You get a return on your investment with just 3 new customers.

To get Facebook working for your UWDC business and not against you, reserve your place now.