6 Simple Steps to Effective Digital Marketing


A series of 6 face-to-face Workshops designed to bring together the basic skills a small business needs to effectively market their business, empowering you to take control of your Digital Marketing. Workshops take place on the same half day each week to give you time to practice what you have learned.


What is the problem with every other Workshop or Seminar you attended?  You learned valuable lessons in each one so why isn’t it working for you.  Our research has found that most people leave it too long between attending the workshop and actually getting around to doing something with what they learned.  We aim to solve this by making you use what you have learned from day one, in a practical and useful way.

Course Aims:

A series of Workshops designed to bring together the basic skills a small business needs to effectively market their business, empowering you to take control of your Digital Marketing.

You want a sustainable business, one that earns you a living. You don’t want to have to spend hours every day promoting it but you realise you have to do something.  We help you understand how to measure the results of your efforts and to utilise the internet to best effect with minimal effort and cost.


Be confident of getting better results from your marketing. Save yourself time and money by learning what is possible, what is practical and what is best practice. Learn the basics of what works in the modern age and how effective planning can ease your workload. Learn enough to do the marketing yourself or to understand that people you hire are doing the best job for you. Take back control.

How it works:

Workshops cost £247 for the course of 6. Each workshop lasts approximately 3 hours.  Every workshop will involve an amount of homework to be completed before the next workshop.  You only see the benefits of the course if you actually DO the homework.

The course consists of 6 basic workshops over a 6 weeks.  There are no more than 6 places available on each course.  Small sizes mean more attention on YOUR business.

The workshops aren’t about ‘click this’ training.  If you require detailed lessons on using the internet or any social media platform then these can be arranged for you outside the workshops.

The Workshops

All workshops require you to bring either a laptop or tablet capable of connecting to the internet. You must already have a website in order to get the most from this course and ideally have installed Google Analytics. All workshops link together so you need to do your homework.

Workshop 1. Measuring Results

If you don’t measure results then how do you know what is working for you? Google Analytics is a free tool that gives you a selection of statistics by which you can measure your success or non-success (nothing is a failure if you learn from it). This workshop comes first to make sure you have something to measure against when you have completed this course.


  • Learn how your website is currently performing.
  • Find out what appeals to your visitors (users).
  • See what isn’t appealing to your visitors.
  • Look where is your traffic actually coming from.
  • Understand how people currently find your website.
  • To create a dashboard for easy reference of key performance indicators (KPI)


  • A Google Analytics account attached to your website that has measured at least 30 days statistics.
  • Access to your Google Analytics account.

This gives you the basis to assess how your marketing is doing and how changes in your marketing are affecting traffic and sales.

Workshop 2. Research – what are your customers really interested in?

Knowing what your prospects are actually looking for is more than half the battle in any marketing campaign. If you learn to understand the customer’s pain/problem then you can show them how you solve it. Research is about finding out about their pain/problem and how this translates into search terms. This workshop shows you the best ways and tools to complete effective research so your marketing efforts aren’t wasted.


  • An understanding of what your customers search Google for.
  • How to choose the best phrases to target your marketing on based on Google Searches.


  • completion of workshop 1 and all homework associated with it.

Workshop 3. Content Writing

You have heard the phrase ‘Content is king’. If you show rubbish content then you will get rubbish results. Writing for the internet has changed the way we write for business. It is far more acceptable to write how we actually speak rather than the formal language taught in school.  Reading from a screen is very different to reading from paper. This workshop will help you write for your customers to satisfy their needs.


  • Crafting effective headlines
  • Incorporating keywords for Google
  • Writing customer focused content.


  • Completion of workshops 1 and 2 and all associated homework.
  • The ability to change/have changed the content on your website.

Workshop 4. Email Marketing.

Hitting the Inbox – email marketing, done right, is still an effective way to keep in touch with prospects and prior customers. Carefully crafted email subject lines combined with a well composed email boost your sales potential. Done wrong you lose any hope of good sales and alienate potential customers. Once you hit the spam box you rarely get a second chance. This workshop looks at how to have your prospects waiting for your next email.


  • Understand how to craft effective subject lines
  • Choose topics that interest your customers
  • When sub sets of your audience can yield better results
  • Collecting more decent email address to build you list


  • Completion of all previous workshops and homework.
  • Access to an email package
  • 5 email addresses (look at your current customers).

Workshop 5. Social Media Marketing.

You can no longer ignore Social Media, it forms an integral part of your marketing. Google is looking for what you are doing on Social  Media when it is deciding where you should rank in the Search Results. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest are the ones most people have heard of – there are new ones springing up all the time. It is possible to learn an approach to marketing using Social Media that can be translated across all platforms. This workshop looks at how to approach Social Media to market your business effectively that you can take into the future.


  • To be able to craft profiles
  • An understanding of what type of things to post
  • Assessing when to post
  • Understanding interaction and engagement.


  • At least one social media account (even if you aren’t really using it) from Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus
  • the ability to log in to i your chosen Social Media Platform
  • Completion of the previous workshops.

Workshop 6. Review, Analyse Improve.

If you completed all workshops and did all of your homework then your Google Analytics will be showing changes.  You look at these and see what your hard work has achieved. You understand how your efforts have impacted your business, what needs improving and how to improve it.


  • Assess the impact of your marketing on your overall statistics
  • Where you personally should concentrate your efforts
  • What you need to improve further.

Pre-requisites: To have completed all your homework.

All our workshops are hands-on so you are not just learning what to do for your business but you are actually doing it too. Our trainers are very friendly and believe that having a bit of fun aids learning.

There are a limited number of places available on each course so to kick-start your Digital Marketing reserve your place now.