How to research Video content for your Business


Video is an effective way to engage your customers. This workshop deals with what to film! What subjects should you choose to make Videos about that will interest your customers and improve your sales.

The idea of using video to market your business is a very scary prospect to many small business owners. Creating effective video’s to market your business however need not be a scary thing to do. Yes it’s different, but it’s also a very effective way of engaging with your audience. It should be a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

This workshop is not about how to create a video. This workshop is about what you, as a Business, need to do long before those cameras start to roll. You learn about what you should be making your videos about and why.


  • Understand why you should use video.
  • How you use video effectively.
  • Choosing your video subject matter.
  • How long your video should be.
  • The type/style that your video could be.
  • How to promote your video.


  • Your own website or blog


  • A YouTube account
  • Excel or equivalent

All our workshops are hands-on so you are not just learning what to do for your business but you are actually doing it too. Our trainers are very friendly and believe that having a bit of fun aids learning.

Understand how to create effective videos to promote your business. Reserve your place now.