SEO: 3 Simple Steps to SEO Training Course. Getting to 1st Page of Google


It is possible to be on 1st Page of the Google Search results without spending £200 per month or more. In this face-to-face, hands-on workshop you get an understanding of what is involved in getting your website to the first page of Google and exactly what search terms you should be aiming to be there for!


As a small business your website is (or should be) the hub of your marketing strategy. You want every person who needs what you do to find your website and buy from you. Being found on the first page of Google is an important part of your marketing strategy. It should not be the whole of your strategy.

Paying an SEO company to get you onto the first page is one option. This course is about doing it yourself. Basic SEO training will get you started in the right direction. Even if you later employ somebody to do your SEO at least you have a better understanding of what's involved and whether they're doing a good job for the money (and it can be a lot of money).

This is a course consisting of 3 workshops each 2.5 to 3 hours long. It breaks down into:

  • Basic Research
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Off-Page Optimisation

In this course you learn how to research effectively so your optimisation efforts are worthwhile. You discover how to make each website page a potential favourite for Google. You understand what work you must continue to do outside your website to keep the Google love and attention.

All our workshops are in-person hands-on so you work on optimising your website in each session. There will be homework tasks to complete too.


  • Understand what Google is looking for (the algorithm)
  • Know what your audience wants (research)
  • Make changes to your web pages to improve your chances of being ranked number 1 for your choice of search terms (on-page optimisation)
  • Understand the tasks necessary to get on first page and stay there


  • A website you can change (or have changed easily)
  • A laptop or Tablet device you can use in class

This course isn’t for everyone but if you are serious about getting your website ranked well in Google search results then reserve your place quickly. We will only take 6 people per course and we will only run one course per quarter.

All our workshops are hands-on so you are not just learning what to do for your business but you are actually doing it too. Our trainers are very friendly and believe that having a bit of fun aids learning.

Take back control of your Marketing and learn what's involved in optimising your own website. Reserve your place now.