Kick starting your Blog: Simple Effective Blogging for Business


Are you putting off writing blog posts? Did you start a blog and give up? I hear ‘I don’t know what to write’ so often. Is this you? Get a grip on what to blog, when to blog and why blogging is an effective form of marketing in this easy to understand, hands-on, half day interactive workshop.

A blog is a frequently updated online journal or diary. It’s a place where you can express yourself or your business to the world. If you start writing a blog you must keep it up and write regularly.

This workshop has been designed to help you blog more efficiently.


  • Understanding blogging for your business.
  • Benefits to your business of an integrated blog.
  • How to blog.
  • What to blog.
  • How often to blog.
  • Blog types and styles.
  • The power of Guest blogging.


  • To have Microsoft Word or a similar editor.

All our workshops are hands-on so you are not just learning what to do for your business but you are actually doing it too. Our trainers are very friendly and believe that having a bit of fun aids learning.

Gain the confidence to blog effectively, reserve a place on our next Blogging Workshop.