ProActive Small Business Management Software (CRM)

Saving time in your business so you can work on your business is a dream for a lot of Small Business owners. How many times have you wasted half an hour looking for that address you know you wrote down. How frustrated have you been when you couldn’t remember where you left that conversation with your prospect. Many small business owners work through a to-do list and feel they are never getting to the end of it. Repetitive tasks often get sidelined for more interesting stuff. For a small business owner it isn’t always a practical or affordable solution to take on a full time PA to keep on top of all the things that require your attention.

ProActive brings together everything you need to grow your business, save valuable time and increase your profit margins. This easy, on-line application is ideal for use by Small Business owners, Freelancers, work at home mums and dads and micro businesses. It is the perfect way to grow your business and manage your time effectively in a cost effective way.

It was developed by a Freelancer as a way he could manage his own time and run his business more effectively. It is designed in a modular fashion so it may be expanded in future as technology develops so you don’t feel as if you are not taking advantage of the latest developments. It was rolled out to a small number of his clients to iron out the major bugs and now it is ready to be rolled out fully.

A simple on-line monthly fee covers full on-going support and training so there is no overwhelm. You are welcome to suggest improvements to the software at any time. You can manage the software yourself or pass it on to another member of staff, including a part time PA.

For more information and a free 30 day trial pop on over to the ProActive Small Business Management Software website.