This blog post can only give you a flavour of the things you should consider if you want to own an online shop but we’d like to give you a little taste.

Selling online is not simply about having a product to sell, there are so many other considerations.  First think about the practicality of shipping the goods to the end consumer and of course the cost of shipping.  Would your customers be prepared to pay the price of shipping?  Small items that can be posted via Royal Mail are a lot different to large items that need a delivery lorry!

How are you going to take payments?  If you choose to use a well known service like PayPal or a high street Bank, is this going to adversely affect your profits?  How much will it cost you to take payments online securely?  You need to factor this into your price.

The platform you are going to use to sell your products is an important consideration too.  If you have just a few select products then you may get away with a cheaper solution, if you have the potential for a hundred or more products then you should seriously consider a platform designed as an e-commerce solution.  It doesn’t have to be a bespoke platform, GNU solutions, like Magento, are perfect for most small businesses.

You would be reading for a while longer yet if we went into all the considerations here but if we have peaked your interest we have an e-book available for sale on Amazon Kindle called ‘A useful look at e-commerce websites’ by our lead specialist, Jan Kiermasz*Version*=1&*entries*=0.

Next time we will be looking at online shops and what you can do to get Google to love you too.