Jelly Beans Membership and Mentoring Programmes

because learning never stops.

Attending a workshop, training course or having 1-2-1 training is just the start of your learning journey. We put togther our Jelly Beans programs to make sure you are fuly supported as you apply your new found knowledge to your business. The Lime Beans programs is currently only open to existing students. We have opened the Strawberry Beans program to anyone as of August 2021.

Lime Beans

This is our base level membership support program and is often where our clients start after they complete their first lot of training.

What you get:

  • A safe place to ask questions in our member only FB group/via email
  • A place to try things out and get honest feedback from your fellow members in our member only FB group
  • A member only area on the website that includes hints and tips, advice and free downloads.
  • Exclusive access to a bank of Video Tutorials
  • A weekly email prompt with more hints and tips to ensure you keep marketing consistently
  • Free access to the monthly group Support Meetings

All this is designed to help you capitalise on the training you have had, continue to build your skills and improve your marketing.

Cost £10 per month, no minimum term (minimum value £75)

Strawberry Beans

This is the 2nd membership program we brought out for those that needed direction and a regular kick up the bum to get stuff done. It is open to anyone who runs their own business.
What you get:

  • Everything that comes with Lime Beans
  • Plus a 1 hour Strategy/Mentoring call with me on a 1-2-1 basis – just you and me.

Each month we will discuss and plan:

  • what you need to do
  • the effects of what you did
  • what else you can do
  • how to go about doing it

This is designed to help you establish a good, positive routine, develop good habits and drive your marketing forward in a confident manner. You will be accountable to me (in a positive way) and I will ensure that processes are created that are prefect for you.

Many of my clients have discovered that one of THE best things they gained was consistency – how often they broadcast a positive message.
Cost £75 per month, no minimum term (value £150+). Suggested minimum term 3 months.

Tutti-Fruity Beans

If a regular kick up the bum just isn’t enough and your feel like you need to improve your skills too then this program was designed just for you.

This is the ultimate program to help you not only build your confidence but to also improve your consistency, ensure you are talking to the right audience in the best way, converting more of that audience into paying customers and establishing your brand as a trusted one. Add to that an increase in confidence and a better understanding of your customers, your business and your results.

In addition to everything you get in Lime and Strawberry flavours you will also get 1.5 hours 1-2-1 training tailored just for you each month. This will cover:

  • what skills you need to learn
  • additional skills you would like to learn
  • skills that will help you exploit Digital Marketing

Everything is geared around helping you to improve the results you get from your Digital Marketing efforts and to see what you have done to get those improvements. It will all be done at your pace, delivered in plain English and with examples that you can relate to.

Cost £150 per month, no minimum term (value £300+). Suggested minimum term 3 months.

Brilliant support

Brilliant support today from John Jelly business support group. I went prepared with my list of questions, all 5 questions were answered and as I am such a slow learner my questions were answered in a way that I could understand. Great to have support at the right level and pace for me to manage the growth & development of my business. 

Jan Griffin
Creating Balance

Not quite sure yet?

If you want to get to know me and my style better before you commit then I am happy to have a virtual coffee with you. Call 07986 290 974 to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Call me

The story behind the Beans

The reason we have popped these membership programmes together is so we can help as many business owners be a success as possible. Everyone has the right to learn, everyone has the right to be a success and if I can facilitate just one business through mediocrity to blossoming I am happy.

You may be wondering why our programs are Jelly Beans - you can blame our existing clients for that. They named the membership - it's what they identify with. I'm happy that they continue to support me so I can continue to support them. I thank them for their input to creating these membership programmes. I adore them all.

We operate a non-discrimination policy. If you want to learn and it's something we teach, then you will be made welcome at any of our training sessions.