Managing everything from updating your website to publishing posts on all your social media platforms can be a daunting prospect.  Our answer – plan it to within an inch of its life!

This will not only save you time but will also make your overall marketing more cohesive.  Ideally you should have an overall goal/target as to where you want to drive the business but you need smaller, more easily managed plans on a shorter timescale to help you get to where you want to be.

Whether you plan for a week, for a month or 12 months it should work towards your overall goal and drive your business forward bit by bit.

You can’t eat a whole elephant!  Strange thing to say, but basically this means break it down into manageable, ‘bite size’ chunks.  Start thinking about each medium you can use to promote your business, write a timetable if you need to or even schedule it into your diary – plan it then do it.

You could think about writing a series of blog posts and then link your social media posts into those blogs, a decent sized blog post could provide a few weeks of status updates!

Focus on one topic at a time.  We planned part of our 12 months of marketing around writing these blog posts.  First we thought of 12 topics we get asked about and we wrote them down!  Yes, on a bit of paper!  We then set some time aside to actually write the posts.  I chose to write all of them over a couple of days.

Then each month we know what our blog topic will be so our Social Media campaign will be planned around that month’s blog post.  We will include links to the blog post as well as our website in general.

So prior to the month’s published blog we will write down (probably in Word as I’ll lose the piece of paper), each platform and what/when we are going to post to it that relates to this month’s blog topic.  Where I have the ability to schedule posts (Facebook/Twitter) then I will make good use of this facility to keep my daily tasks to a minimum.  The rest will be popped into my diary as part of my daily marketing tasks – I have an hour every day set aside just for marketing and I use it, all of it, every working day.

Even scheduled posts are a ‘write and leave’ task.  If I’m involved in Social Media then I need to make time to check for comments etc on my posts and respond if necessary.  Social Media is a conversation not a soap box!

If you would like a bit of help planning your marketing or even some help doing it then give us a call and we’ll arrange a chat, over a coffee if you are Wirral based, or over the phone/Skype if not.