I just need to clear something up. There is a difference between having your Facebook Profile hacked and having it cloned! There has been a proliferation of cloning over recent months. It may be annoying but it does NOT mean somebody has your login details to your Facebook account.

Cloning means creating a new Facebook Profile in your name with your photo. Cloners only need your name and photo to do this. If you have other information available to them then they will use that too.

Hacking means that somebody has accessed YOUR profile. It means they have used your Login details to login to your actual profile – not a separate one that looks like yours, your actual profile. This is much more serious.

Cloning of Facebook accounts is getting towards epidemic proportions if you believe all these status warnings about it. So what should you do? Please set your Facebook privacy to at most Friends Only. It isn’t difficult – look to the top right hand menu bar on a desk top for that little drop down arrow and select privacy. Make sure you set all of the options to Friends Only or Only Me where appropriate.

You have the option to view your account as an outsider – take a peek, if you can see everything then your privacy is open!

Make sure you have a decent password and preferably set the extra security that means getting a text to your mobile phone if you log in from a new device (phone, tablet, desktop other than your normal one). It may seem overkill but it goes a long way to protecting you from hackers.

Remember nothing is foolproof – hackers are always that one step ahead of security measures but do your best to stop them by being aware of the potential to be hacked.