Email marketing is far from dead but you need to do it right!

Even after the changes in the Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) existing customers are still your most valuable asset. It is much easier to make a sale to somebody who has bought from you before! After all, you have already established trust. 

Add to that the fact that existing customers are less sensitive to price than new customers and are more likely to be a source of future referrals and you begin to see just how very valuable they could be. 

When you consider that it is between 5 and 10 times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an existing customer that sweetens the deal further.  The trick is to make sure your customers don’t forget you when they next want your product or service.

Email marketing is a cost effective way to make sure your name stays in the mind of your customer.  Regular contact is a great way to ensure that your brand is the first one they think of – but don’t spam them.  Getting the balance right is vital.

Even under the new GDPR changes you may email existing customers so long as you ensure you are sending something they would genuinely be interest in (Legitimate Interest).  I and we mean genuinely, not pure sales letters.

Make sure that you retain permission to send them emails, you don’t want to waste your time marketing to somebody who simply doesn’t want to listen.  It is a requirement that they can easily opt out of receiving future emails and most bulk emailing software has this functionality built in.

What do we mean by getting it right?

Email marketing isn’t about direct selling. It’s about providing information and problem solving.  It’s reminding your customer that you solved previous problems they had and that you can solve other problems too.  That problem may be solved by a product or service you can provide or information you give them.  Customers are always more inclined to go back to a place that helped them make a good decision and offered great service.

Keep it simple and focused.  Too much information can lead to the customer just hitting the delete button and your message not getting through at all.

Make sure the email is branded so they know it’s from somebody they already trust and isn’t just aanother spam or unsolicited email from a stranger.

Clearly tell them what action you want them to take; visit a page on your website, call you or email you. They need to know what you expect from them.

Don’t be afraid to test different subject lines and headlines until you find out which style gets you the best open rate, read rate and, more importantly, gets the most results.

If you find you need more help in creating emails your customer love or simply need more guidance with the process of creating emails get in touch!