A while ago we wrote a blog post about importance of marketing your website.  We have heard rumours that some of you are considering not having a website at all but instead relying on Social Media.  After all your friend gets ALL their sales from their Facebook (FB) posts!

We would like to dispell that myth right now.  Don’t believe us? Then we will explain our reasoning.

Your website should be the hub of your online makrketing efforts.  It is the stable centre of your Internet Marketing world.  The Internet is unlikely to disappear and websites are going to be with us for the long term.  Afterall Facebook is a website too!

The most important point about having your own website is that YOU are in control!  You aren’t relying on other people’s rules to promote your business but instead providing relevent and fresh content to your potential customers in a format you want, on your terms.

Social Media is a great addition to your marketing strategy but it is only a part, and a part you don’t have total control over.  We imagine there will come a day when Facebook begin to charge busisnesses to even have a business page.  They change the rules on a regular basis and you have no choice but accept that to continue to use FB.

You should be using Social Media to drive traffic to your website.  You can tell them so much more about what you can offer them on your website.  If you sell ‘stuff’ then you can often increase sales by driving them to a proper e-commerce website where you can do up-sells and cross-sells to increase the value of a sale.  If you are selling a service then you can explain better what they get from that service and what other associated services they may find useful.  It’s the difference between giving people a page or two and letting them see the whole book.

If you hang your business promotion on just one platform what happens if that single platform becomes unuseable?  What happens to your business? Well, you don’t have one.  You should never rely on one customer to sustain your business and you should never rely on one single promotional tool to sustain your business either.

So make your website the centre of your Internet Marketing Universe and use all the other tools at your disposal to drive traffic there!  That will give you a more sustainable marketing plan and lead to a more sustainable business.

A proper look at your marketing strategy should reveal your weaknesses and show your strengths.  If you need a little help with this then let us know! You can talk to one of our consultants on 0151 609 1397.