Do you need  to optimise your website for Google? Well if you have a website and would people to find it in a Google search then yes! But Google search results aren’t the only thing you should rely on as part of your Marketing strategy – spread your marketing activities.

Can you do SEO yourself or do you have to pay somebody else to do it? It’s your choice. You should take resposnsibility for your marketing and this includes the content of your website. Taking responsibility doesn’t mean doing it yourself but you should understand enough to know somebody else is doing a good job for you.

You’ve heard that SEO is dead, is that right? The methods of optimising your website so that Google looks on your favourably has changed over the years but SEO hasn’t gone away. The basic principles of optimising haven’t changed. Good quality content, well structured, easy to navigate is still the best approach to be well positioned in Google search results. Add mobile responsive into the mix and you have a winning formula.

You’ve been told that SEO is very difficult and you will have to pay a company lots of money to do it for you, is this true? No! In short with some training and basic knowledge of how Google works you can learn to do your own SEO. It isn’t a one off exercse though – you have to keep on top of things and keep building on your SEO efforts each month.

SEO should be a part of your marketing strategy and Social Media should be a part of your SEO activities. You need to get a balance between marketing and doing, planning is how you achieve this. If you do choose to outsource your SEO have a good understanding of what is involved and what results to expect. That keeps you in control!