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Social Media Essentials Checklist Free PDF

Thanks for requesting the Social Media Checklist. We are sure you will find it a useful start to get your basic foundations in place.

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If you are ready to take the next step in making your Social Media more effective, saving you valuable time and money then take a look at our Social Media Essentials workshop. It doesn’t matter which platforms you are using or want to use for your Social Media Marketing, we talk about them all.

What is the Social Media Essentials Workshop?

This workshop is designed to help you understand what is possible, what is practical and what is best practice so you can save both time and money.

Social Media has become a must have part of the Marketing strategy for most businesses worldwide. It can be a time consuming and expensive thing to do for a small business owner. This workshop is designed to help you understand what is possible, what is practical and what is best practice so you can save both time and money. A decent understanding of how Social Media is consumed by your customers means you can expect a better return on your investment (ROI).


  • Identify the most popular platforms
  • Understand how the audiences differ 
  • The difference in language 
  • An outline of how a typical customer uses Social Media 
  • Know what your customer expects
  • Leveraging Customer Expectations

  • Getting noticed/Brand Awareness
  • Understand Best practice in interacting/building relationships
  • How to tell what’s working
  • Identify Useful free tools
  • Understand Basic security measures

Our approach to training is not about the point and click, basic account creation or the technical aspects of each individual platform. Instead we approach this from your customers perspective to help you deliver what your ideal customer really wants. 

Nor is this about tricking the agorithms. It is about working in a planned and structured way delivering the right things to the right people at the right time. 

Marketing Fit Club

Kirsty Giraldo
Tropic Ambassador

…massively interesting, insightful and …useful!

Massive thanks for today. I found that few hours massively interesting, insightful and most importantly I suppose, what we covered is incredibly useful! Looking forward to the next one guys, that was so productive I can’t put it into words. Awesome💯
Pete Howell
PT and Gym Owner

Brilliant support

Brilliant support today from John Jelly business support group. I went prepared with my list of questions, all 5 questions were answered and as I am such a slow learner my questions were answered in a way that I could understand. Great to have support at the right level and pace for me to manage the growth & development of my business. 

Jan Griffin
Creating Balance

approachable, knowledgeable

Jan is brilliant- approachable, knowledgeable and really understands what the individual business needs. Thank you for all your help!

Julie Aldcroft

lots of information you can put to use straight away

I’ve attended several workshops and found them fabulous. Lots of information you can put to use straight away and friendly enough to be able to ask any question even if I think it’s a daft one. The tips and advice are spot on too.

Biddie Atkinson

friendly tutoring

Well paced, friendly tutoring catering for the needs of individuals in a relaxed environment. There’s no such thing as a stupid question so go ahead and ask it anyway.
My first port of call for any social media training.
Diane Campbell
The Lavender Room & Yoga Wirral

…amazing amount of knowledge…

Jan from John Jelly has an amazing amount of knowledge and expertise. Not only is her training delivered in such a way as to work at your level of understanding, but the support that exists afterwards in the form of the John Jelly Club is invaluable. I have attended several of Jan’s training days and had one to one training with her too. I can recommend her very highly.

Jane Hawkes
Hals Books & Hawk Electrical

Social Media Planning

Jan has helped me so much with my social media marketing for my business that I am now starting to see results. I now plan my campaigns and use scheduling for both Facebook & Twitter (I couldn’t even fathom Twitter beforehand!). Jan is a lovely person and is always looking for ways to help other small businesses to grow. I can’t recommend her enough.

Sharon Leicester
Trophy Pet Foods, Wirral

Facebook for Authors training

I went on a Facebook for Authors course with John Jelly and it completely changed how I ran my page. I learned so much and the great thing about Jan’s courses is you implement the changes while you are there bringing your page up to date straight away. I heartily recommend John Jelly if you wish to develop your business. I will definitely be booking on future courses.

Jude Lennon
Author, A Slice of Lennon

reflects you and your business…

Ensuring your presence digitally (social media, website, emails etc) reflects YOU and YOUR business is key to authenticity and your success. Jan at John Jelly not only understands the technical world and how it all works but also spends the time to market YOUR business in the RIGHT way for YOU. The steps taught are simple, practical and relevant and you walk away with skills you never thought you could do.

Kelly McWilliam
Fleur Ashley Tea Rooms, Wallasey

Just brilliant!

Just brilliant! Jan is approachable, professional and really informative. She breaks down the tasks to bite sized chunks if needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending and so glad that I have found this fabulous company and lady! 🙂

Ali Gill
My Brave

…helped with my business considerably…

I have just completed a 6 months marketing course with Jan. I feel it has helped me and my business considerably. Jan provides practical solutions and has a great style of delivery. Jan always goes the extra mile to help me and it’s good to know that she cares about my business. Highly recommended.

Simon Downing
Downing Lifestyle Photography

Easy and fun

Only managed to do one workshop with Jan (in the fabulous Gladstone Library) so far? but for a duffer with lots of ‘tec’ issues like me, she made it easy and fun. Highly recommend John Jelly!

Deb Jones

Marketing Fit Club

I used John Jelly when they ran a Marketing Fit Club group. Jan has a very easy-going teaching style and the hints and tips I picked up from the course I’m still using today. Highly recommended!

Dan Borley
Dan the Mortgage Man

A hugely useful, jargon free session..

I’ve attended several seminars and meetings in the past that claim to give excellent advice on Marketing but none of them have really come up to the mark until….I listened to Jan! WOW! A hugely useful, jargon free session full of practical hints and tips about email marketing. I’ve already started to implement some of the ideas. I would definitely recommend Jan and John Jelly if you are looking for any support with your business.

Jude Lennon
Author, Little Lamb Tales

Is this the right workshop for you?

If you haven't worked with us before you may be wondering if this is the right workshop and learning experience for you. If you have worked with us before then go ahead and book your spot, you already know what to expect.

We try to make every workshop a fun and relaxed experience because we believe  you learn better if you aren't stressing out. Whether it's a video call workshop or you are attending one of our local classes in person we will try to make you comfortable.

We limit the numbers on any workshop so we can devote enough attention to each and every business in the room/call. This means you will get to ask as many questions as you need. We want you to leave the workshop not only with some new found skills and knowledge but with the ability to quickly and easily apply them to YOUR business.

There is no such thing as a stupid question with me. We use examples, stories and analogies as necessary to help you gain a good understanding of what is being taught.

I am open to having a chat about what we can do for you if you are still unsure. Just give me a call on 07986290974

Jan Kiermasz, Lead Digital and Social Media Trainer, Wirral

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