Social Media Training

Digital Marketing Training

Most small businesses face the challenge of having to learn multiple new skills quickly to run their business effectively.  As a business owner you have to understand basic accountancy, marketing, sales and a myriad of other skills dependent on what your business does.

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field. Lots of SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises) don’t use it to their full benefit.

Does this sound like you?

  • Limited knowledge of how Social Media Platforms work.
  • Lack of understanding of Email marketing.
  • Low confidence in writing content for the web.
  • Not knowing what works ‘digitally’ for your Business.
  • Insufficient time to do everything.

Or you just simply don’t know where to start.

You may relate to some or all the above, but a small amount of effective in-person digital training, tailored to your business and your skills, resolves these challenges.

John Jelly are the only Wirral based Company offering a unique style of face-to-face Digital Marketing Training tailored to your Business.  Our easy, effective workshops are geared around you and your needs and provide real world, practical tasks and activities designed to get you using your new skills immediately and bring the benefits to your Business quickly.

Each session flexes according to the needs of those attending.  You are free to choose from an introductory course containing a series of basic workshops or an individual workshop. Attend as many as you like.

What do you get?

The best way to learn is by doing so we gear our training around real world, practical, hands-on application of the skills you pick up.  No fluff, no padding, just solid 100% advice and teaching.

All courses are all held in a relaxed, informal, environment where participation, debate and questioning are actively encouraged.

Each workshop contains practical ‘homework’ tasks to keep you going together with notes for you to take away to quickly remind you of what you learned.  As well as ongoing ‘post course’ support, you also have the opportunity to join our Jelly Beans Support Program for further help and advice.

There are basic workshops to give you an understanding of the subject. Then you can progress onto intermediate and advanced courses or workshops as required.

We are happy to create workshops just for you or you are welcome to attend our open workshop program.  All we ask is that you do your homework.

These workshops aren’t suitable for everyone but if you have a desire to improve and the motivation to work through challenges then we give you the skills to achieve.


Gain confidence in your Digital Marketing. Call 0151 609 1397 to reserve your place now or Book online.