Have you ever listened to two geeks chatting and been totally bemused? My hubby and I have worked in the IT industry for over 30 years and sadly the jargon and buzz words are still common in conversation.  

One of things I do when teaching is make sure I explain the common jargon you may hear during your learning journey. I feel it’s my duty to you to help you understand so that you can make a truly informed decision. 

This blog will cover a couple of the more basic terms you will come across in everyday business conversation.

I’ll start with a couple of basics, ‘Domain Name’ and ‘Hosting’, two terms you frequently hear bandied about but perhaps you aren’t too sure about them. 

Domain Name is the thing your website will be found by, think of it as the address of a flat in a block of flats.  So, we will use ‘wesellbluegiraffes.com’ as our domain name example.

It is not case sensitive so it doesn’t matter if you write it with capital letters or all lowercase. We could choose to write our example domain name as WeSellBlueGiraffes.com and it wouldn’t make any difference.

Domain names are unique. You should consider how easy it is for your domain name to be remembered by your audience when choosing a new one. Don’t make it too long. Think about how the words will look when run together (I’ve seen some amazing fails on this one). It can represent your business name or what your business does (B&Q own the domain name DIY.com). It is often worth the investment in both a .co.uk and .com version of your domain name to protect your brand.

Hosting is where the website actually lives, think of this as the flat itself.  You will most likely have ‘shared hosting’ which simply means you share the block of flats (server) with other websites.

The web address, or ‘URL’ (Uniform Resource Locator), is where we use the domain name as part of a string of characters in a browser address bar so the browser knows where to go to find your website.  For example, we take our domain name ‘WeSellBlueGiraffes.com’ and convert it into a URL so it now reads ‘https://WeSellBlueGiraffes.com’ – think of it as telling the postman where to deliver your customers to!

You want some more?  A server is just a computer that connects to the internet and lets lots of websites live there – it’s not much different to your computer in the office except it runs different programs.

Obviously I am keeping these explanations as simple as I possibly can so those of you who are techies please don’t tell me off.  These explanations are aimed at those who really don’t get it.

There is too much jargon for me to address in one single blog post. I am happy to have a chat over coffee (even a virtual one) if you have questions. Please feel free to book some 1-2-1 time with me if you feel it would be of benefit.