SEO Basics

  • by Jan
  • Course level: Intermediate


Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a black art. It is perfectly possible for any business owner to learn the basic skills that optimising your website for Google requires. If you are capable of editing your own website then you are capable of completing this course.

The course will walk you through the basic skills required. This in not an advanced course and is tailored to the average business owner, not experienced technical experts.

What Will I Learn?

  • understanding fundamentals of SEO
  • learning about effective research
  • best chance of being on 1st page of Google
  • increased traffic to your website

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

What is SEO??

A brief explanation of what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is.
What is SEO

Stage 1 – Research: The foundation for effective optimisation?

What are your customers really interested in? Knowing what your prospects are actually looking for is half the battle in any marketing campaign. If you can learn to understand the customer’s pain/problem then you can show them how you can solve it. Research is about finding out what their pain/problem may be and how this translates into search terms.

Stage 2 – On-Page: The things you can affect directly?

This is about making changes to the pages of your website so that Google sees them as being relevant, well written and worth sending Google visitors to. It can be a daunting prospect but we suggest you begin one page at a time. These are all the things you have control over as the website owner either through editing them directly yourself or asking your web designer to do it for.

Stage 3 – Off-Page: The things that affect your site indirectly?

Off-page optimisation covers all the tasks you must do that aren’t on your website so basically everything not covered in Workshops 1 and 2. This splits into Social Media Marketing and Link Building. The point is to let Google know that your web pages are well thought of by others! Each link to your site is a vote for it – some votes count more than others. It’s all about building trust and being seen as an authority on your topic and promoting Google’s ‘love’. This is on-going. It is not a one-off exercise. It's going to take work, consistency and a big dose of 'just flipping do it' but the rewards are worth it.


  • A website that you can edit

Target Audience

  • Intermediate learners
  • Business owners targeting local traffic