Basic WordPress

  • by Jan
  • Course level: Beginner

What Will I Learn?

  • Create/Edit website pages in Wordpress
  • Create/Edit/Schedule Blog Posts
  • Create/Edit Navigation Menus

Topics for this course

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Aims and Prerequisites
Aims and Prerequisites

How the website looks?

This section talks about how to change the look and feel of your WordPress website. We will cover changing content in a later topic.

Adding Security and Functionality – Plugins?

This sadly doesn’t apply to free wordpress.com websites. Plugins simply aren’t available on their free package. You will have fixed functionality or have to 'buy' additional functionality.

WordPress Settings?

This section talks about the different settings you should consider changing

Creating Content – Pages?

Creating a new page, editing an existing page.

Creating Content – Blog Posts?

Blog posts are well received by Google. It knows that it can expect fresh content on a regular basis. As with a Sandwich – fresh is always better. WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform but now has matured very nicely into a tool to build whole websites in. The additional functionality means you can create Google friendly websites in a matter of hours. Including a blog on your website isn’t for everyone but it’s something you should seriously consider. It’s an easy thing to do from a technical perspective.

Navigating the website – Menus?

People and Google find their way around your site, from page to page, via a navigation menu. You should think carefully about your navigation BEFORE you start putting menus together. Think about the journey you want to take your visitor on. Nothing should be more than 2-3 clicks away. Avoid anything which looks difficult. That puts people off. Keep it simple.


Intermedate Content Writing Workshop, customer profiling

Target Audience

  • Business owners wanting control of their website
  • Micro Business owners wanting to build their own website
  • WordPress website managers new to the role.