Twitter simply isn’t for everyone. It is a fast paced conversational social media platform popular with a lot of celebs. The question is: should you be using it to promote your business? Our list of benefits and drawbacks sumarises both the best and the worst of using Twitter for business.


  • Quickly increase brand awareness for your business
  • Easily promote your blog content
  • Improve your Google Ranking
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Offer additional customer service channels
  • Have real-time interaction with your customers
  • Watch what your competitors are up to
  • All your tweets are shown to 100% of your followers
  • It’s quick and easy to learn and to do
  • Your tweets are public by default
  • You or your customers can search by topic of conversation
  • It comes with free analytics
  • It is free to use


  • It can be very distracting
  • It can frustratingly time consuming
  • It is very fast paced
  • It is very conversational
  • Your messages are transient, lasting maybe 10 minutes
  • 140 characters isn’t a lot to get a point across
  • Approval is required before running paid ads
  • It still isn’t as popular as Facebook
  • Every tweet is public
  • Easy to be seen as a spammer accidentally
  • A little harder to target your specific market
  • Not everyone sees images by default

So there you have it. This isn’t meant to be a definitive list but enough to make you think; Is Twitter worth investing your time and effort into? If you would like to understand how to use Twitter for your business then give me a call on 0151 609 139, drop me a text on 07986290974 or send me an old fashioned email at