Which do you choose?  Confusion was the state I was in when it became necessary for me to at long last learn how to sort out my own website and marketing.  I had moved quite a distance from Hereford to the Wirral, coming back to my roots.  This meant that I also had to start from scratch with my business which was by then 10 years old and ticking along nicely with the minimum of effort on my part.

Something I had been meaning to do during that 10 years was suddenly now very pressing because I had been paying someone else to sort out my website.  Looking back. I was throwing good money after bad because the website was no longer bringing in the clients that it once was. Put that together with the change of location, the costs of the move and the inevitable gap in clients meant that I could no longer pay someone else to do the job so I got my butt into gear!

One of the first people I met at a free networking event in Hooton was Jan Kiermasz from John Jelly digital marketing who runs the Wirral Business Association with Agnes Fitzgerald from Agnes Fitzgerald Marketing.  Over the last few years both Jan and Agnes have become my very good friends and not only that, we provide business support for each other.

With the help of Jan and her amazing, easy to understand, step by step training sessions. We have ironed out some major issues with my website.  Jan has taught me – very patiently I might add – how to upload, download, add widgets and plugins (all language previously alien to me), how to maximise my SEO (search engine optimisation to the uninitiated), how to blog effectively, how to create and market my events well, how to position social media posts to maximum effect and coverage and so much more.

My head is bursting with knowledge and sometimes I astound myself when having a conversation with IT experts, they certainly don’t expect me to know what I know.

Our John Jelly private Facebook group has helped all of Jan’s trainees to become confident, experiment and get the most out of our social media marketing. I think even Jan is amazed at how much we can all now help ourselves and our respective businesses and it is testament to her training that we all jump in to help when someone shouts out before Jan gets to reply! I am privileged to be a part of all of this and seen growth in my business because of it.

Having said that, your knowledge is nothing unless you put it to good use and that’s why I am writing this guest blog now. My advice to you if you are still confused and unsure about how to market your business is to hook up with our own John Jelly Jan or find your own Jan to do the same. Thanks to Jan, my confusion is now confidence!

Pat Harland, Thrive with Pat (Harland Consultancy)

BIO: Pat Harland, Thrive with Pat (Harland Consultancy) helps people to significantly change their lives, overcome obstacles and hurdles, end their fears, phobias and anxieties for good. Mother and Grandmother, she still finds time for family and friends. http://thrivewithpat.com