Social Media Marketing (SEM) is all the rage right now. Some small business owners think that all you need is a Facebook page to make your business thrive. But really, what are the benefits of using Facebook to promote your business and, more importantly, what are the drawbacks? Here is our summary for you to digest. Do remember that SEM is only a small part of what you should be doing to market a sustainable business.

Benefits of using Facebook

  • Chances are your customers are using Facebook daily
  • Chances are your competitors are already using Facebook to promote themselves
  • It’s an easy platform to learn and use
  • It’s a chance to be yourself in your marketing
  • It’s still the most popular Social Media platform
  • It’s easy to share stuff
  • You can use it for free
  • You can get feedback (stats) on how well you are using it
  • It can successfully drive quality, qualified traffic to your website
  • Done regularly it improves your ranking in Google Search Results
  • You can manage multiple pages from a single login
  • It’s easy and free to set others up as admin of your page.

Drawbacks of using Facebook

  • Facebook control how much exposure your individual posts get – not everyone sees every post
  • Poorly done Facebook marketing is invasive – you won’t make any raving fans if you get it wrong.
  • You can’t reach everyone with a single platform – some of your potential customers aren’t using Facebook
  • Facebook could potentially be shut down – or just go out of favour (remember MySpace)
  • Some people think that Facebook posts are just lame – they aren’t interested in the ‘what I had for lunch’ brigade
  • You could have your page taken away from you
  • You will have to, at some point, deal with nasty trolls
  • It can be a time suck if you don’t plan properly
  • It is a popular place for spam and scams to appear
  • Facebook profiles get hacked every day
  • What a fabulous place to spread a virus!

So there you go, our summary of the benefits and drawbacks of using Facebook to promote your business. It’s up to you if you choose to use Facebook to market your business (we do) but you need to be aware of the limitiations and drawbacks as well as all that great stuff your mates talk about! As always if you need a little help getting more out of Facebook then give us a call (07986290974) – we will have another Facebook Training course coming up very soon.