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About the Trainer – Jan Kiermasz

My journey to becoming a Digital Trainer began in 1990. I qualified as a computer programmer in Liverpool and my first role was with a major local food retailer, working in their Head Office on many large IT projects. I covered Finance, Sales, Warehouse and Distribution and anything else thrown at me. They were fantastic at improving their staff and I was lucky enough to be professionally trained in Analysis, Management, Presentation and lots more as well as advance my programming skills.

After 6 years I moved to a local Automotive Parts Manufacturer European Head Office as a Project Leader. Sadly after 3 years the business was bought out and redundancy beckoned. At 8 months pregnant nobody wants to interview you let alone employ you. I spent the next 4 years retraining to learn the language of the Internet while spending time as a mum.

In 2003 I launched my own business as a Web Designer and Developer calling on my skills as a former Graphic Designer as well as all my Analysis and Coding experience to bring a cohesive approach to web sites. I wasn’t satisfied with just building websites so I learned how to market them effectively too, reading everything I could and doing online training courses to further my knowledge. As Social Media became an important part of Marketing I made it my task to learn how it worked and how to exploit it for the least amount of money. This meant I could offer my customers a much better website experience, giving them websites that worked and helping them to market the website effectively. I was often asked by customers to share my skills but my time was limited because support work came first.

I’ve known Jan Kiermasz for 16yrs. When we first met at BNI Jan hated Networking and I just about knew what an email address was – let alone a website. But how we’ve grown over time. I’m blessed to have done many of Jan’s John Jelly courses. I now operate most of the changes to my own site and much more. I recommend Jan to anyone who wants to progress in business. She’s got a way of making things so much easier. Also, she assures you that there is no such thing as a DUMB Question
Agnes Fitzgerald, Professional Networker/Trainer

In 2015 I made the difficult decision to pass my Design and Development business over to another local web designer I had worked alongside for 12 years. This meant that I could finally focus on the bit of the business I loved best – teaching. I now had the time to sit and write all the training courses that were floating round my head and have the time to effectively teach them.

I didn’t want to just talk at people, I learnt that when you are involved in the lesson directly you learn much more. I have deliberately designed my courses to be flexible and inclusive. No workshop is the same as the last – even on the same subject. I tailor each workshop to the needs of the students. Everyone learns differently and everyone’s business is different – even if you are selling the same product. It is the ‘you’ that makes your business unique and I try to ensure your training is unique to you – even if I have 5 other people on the workshop doing something similar.

I made sure I got some ‘Adult Teacher’ training so I could deliver the Workshops as effectively as possible and thanks to my superb trainer, Kelly, from KMW Training I am still improving my delivery skills and the content of the workshops. I won’t stop learning. I still keep up to date through articles and announcements on the internet, through online training courses on things like Content Writing and Video Marketing, and through experimentation. All so I can improve what and how I teach.

Why do I love teaching Digital Marketing skills? Because I love to see small business owners succeed. I want you to be the owner of a successful and sustainable business. If I can help you short cut the learning process I took then great!

If you still want to know more about me or have specific questions then give me a call on 07986290974 and we’ll meet for coffee! After all, you need to be comfortable with and trust your trainer.