Why you need to actively market your website

It’s an online world, especially so during and after the pandemic. More business owners where pushed into taking their business online and creating a website from which to sell their goods and services.

The website always has provided a single point of focus to give information to prospective customers.  It provides clear and concise information on what exactly you can do for them in an easy to find way.  It helps establish you as a serious business owner and is a crucial step in building trust.

But there is so much more to Digital (Internet) Marketing than just having a website.  In fact if you have a website then fail to do anything more it is unlikely that site will be a success and work its magic for your business.  There are roughly 1843 created each day in the UK. 26% of these fail in their first year. Businesses fold for many reasons but 14% fold becausse they fail to market themselves effectively.  The internet is a cheap way to market yourself but it still takes work on your part – “build it and they will come” is just a line from a movie.

Think of your Digital Marketing as a wheel with your website at its center, the hub.  To appear well in Google Search Results for your chosen topic means you must build some spokes around this wheel hub.  These spokes include:

  • quality links from directories and other websites,
  • a social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google My Business,
  • blog articles,
  • email marketing
  • and ideally guest articles on the same topic you have chosen for your website.

Landing (squeeze) pages focus on a single topic and drive people to complete a specific task before moving to the main website. This task is usually to sign up for something – a product, a service or your emails with a giveaway.  These landing pages then have their own spokes too.  It’s about getting Google to pay attention to your website and every link to it is a vote for it.

Don’t forget about building brand awareness with your Social Media activity and networking (both on and offline). People need to kow your business exists, what it can offer them and why they should choose you over a competitor (and it’s not about price).

But it isn’t a case of just randomly doing all these things – you need a plan.  Focus on a small area of your business for a short period. Decide to promote this one small area for a period of at least a month.  Put in place a simple plan for all your internet marketing outlets – so they all focus on that single area of your business.  Now they are all pulling together to give you the maximum impact for the minimum amount of money.

Planning also means you can make use of scheduling and get the most from your time spent on marketing – you should be spending at least half an hour per day marketing your business, even when you are at your busiest. 

Your website isn’t a Marketing Strategy – but it forms part of a well rounded one. Remember you are always welcome to chat with any member of the team to help you get better results from your Marketing.