For those of you who don’t know, I went out for coffee one day and came home with a dog. He is a lovely black Labrador called Charlie. He was not quite 5 months old when I got him and the learning curve has been steep for us both. I have learnt so much in the last few months and it occurred to me that some of the things he has taught me apply to marketing. So here is my top 7 things owning a dog has taught me in relation to marketing my business.

1 Keep it simple

My dog is a simple creature, he gets single word commands like ‘Sit’ but longer sentences are way above his understanding. Marketing is the same. The simpler you keep things the more people will understand and the more successful you will be. Don’t over complicate things – it really isn’t necessary.

2 Be consistent

If I chop and change how I ask my dog to do things he simply gets confused. I need to be consistent with how I talk to him to firm up his understanding. The same with your marketing. Be consistent with what you do and how you do it. Use the same tone of voice, the same way of writing and the same style on a given platform. Use the same profile photo across all Social Media. You need to put out the same message consistently so you stick better in people’s minds.

3 Be focused

If I try to teach my dog more than one thing at a time he won’t learn anything at all. I need to focus on one command at a time until he learns it. The same is true of your marketing. Bombard your audience with loads of stuff and you will simply confuse them. Focus on one aspect of your business at a time. Give your customers time to digest that before you move on to the next thing.

4 Make time

My dog needs my attention every day. He loves me to make a fuss of him but just as importantly he needs me to be there with him as company. I can’t make a fuss constantly but I do have to set aside time to play with him, walk him and feed him. You need to make time for your marketing every day.  Set time aside to ensure your marketing gets the necessary fuss made of it – it doesn’t have to be constant but it does have to be regular.

5 Be Patient

When teaching my dog new things he isn’t going to miraculously learn over night – much as I would appreciate that right now, it isn’t going to happen. Your marketing efforts aren’t going to be an over night success either. Your investment will pay off, just give it time.

6 Have fun

If I don’t have fun with my dog then the time I spend with him will rapidly become a chore. If you don’t have fun with your marketing then it will be a chore you choose to procrastinate over. You will put it off or you will do it badly. Enjoy what you do, be yourself and you will have much more fun doing it.

7 It’s a long term investment

I know I will have my dog for many years to come. I invest my time in him and he loves me back. Your marketing is a long term investment. Put your time in wisely and you will be rewarded with customers and additional sales. Keep it going, even when you are busy. The temptation for SMEs is to market when they are quiet and abandon it when they are busy. Keeping it going through your busier times means you stay busy, it’s preparation to get your next batch of customers while you are serving your current ones.

So there you go. I hope you learnt something from my dog too. Good luck with your marketing and as ever if you need any help or advice with your Digital Marketing then give me a call on 015 609 1397, drop me an email or check out the workshops.