4 steps to choosing your social platform

I often get asked “Which Social Media shall I use?” and “Do I need to be on …?” and the answer I generally give is “It depends”. You have probably heard your friends and associates spouting about how you must be on this platform or that platform. Tales of how do you run a business if you aren’t on Facebook or how do people even know you exist if you don’t do Twitter. Add into that the other currently popular platforms like Linked In and Instagram and it can be very overwhelming. So what should you do? Here is a little guide to help you choose for yourself.

1. What are you already comfortable with for personal use?

Start with something already familiar to you. If you have a working knowledge of Facebook from keeping in touch with friends then you will have less to learn to convert that to business use. Facebook is generally the easiest to use as most people have had a personal account for a while before considering it to promote their business.

2. Choose one platform and start there

Don’t overload yourself and try to do everything at once. You will either feel totally overwhelmed or just do all of them badly. Choose a single platform and get comfortable with it. Once you are comfortable and getting some positive results move on to include a second social media platform in your strategy.

3. Keep track of what is working for you

It’s no good plodding along spending your valuable time posting if you aren’t getting the results you need. You should track your efforts and know what effect they are having on your business. If you are driving traffic to your website then Google Analytics will tell you where that traffic is coming from. If you are solely using Social Media then the individual Analytics/Insights will show your engagement levels. But you need to be looking on a regular basis to “know” what is working for you (not your best mate).

4. Don’t be afraid to learn something new

Once you are comfortable with the social media platforms you are using look to see if there is another that could work for your business. Learn how it works. Understand the audience it has and how they use it (more about that next month). Trial it. Use it. Get comfortable with it. Track it and most of all don’t be afraid of it.

Next month we will talk about the difference between Social Media Platforms to help you choose which ones may work for you and your business. Remember it’s not about what works for your friends and associates or even your competitors. It’s about what you enjoy, what works for you and your personality and what works for your business style and type.

You can always short cut the learning process with one of our Workshops!