Creating Clarity: A structured approach to Effective Content/Copy Writing


“Content is still King” This Workshop teaches a simple approach to writing better, customer focused content (the words on your website) to help you connect with your customers more effectively and drive sales.


Product Description

In a digital world ‘content’ refers to not just the text on your website but also to the images, your social media posts, email marketing campaigns and your blog too. This is an essential part of your digital marketing. Most people think of ‘content’ as the writing on your website – that’s what we will look at in this workshop but you can apply what you learn across all your digital marketing platforms.

Writing effective, customer focused content can seem a daunting task.  Many websites are full of egocentric content that shouts about how good the company is rather than what benefits they bring to their customers. Putting together content that works for you by being both informative and engaging for your audience is an art. But like all art forms, once you learn the basics and understand the do’s and don’ts it suddenly all begins to make sense.

We have created this content writing workshop to start you off on the right foot with your customers and prospects. You learn a simple formula to write customer focused content for your website, blog and email marketing that can drive your social media posts.

You learn how to write effective text that your customer will love.  The importance of good content on your website should never be underestimated. Great content will not only engage your audience, it builds trust and it also helps getting that all important Search Engine Ranking by showing Google you know what you’re talking about.

This basic content writing workshop gives you a good grounding in how you approach content writing and a solid foundation on which to build.


  • Crafting effective headlines.
  • Incorporating keywords for Google.
  • Writing effective, customer focused content.


  • The ability to change/have changed the content on your website.

All our workshops are hands-on so you are not just learning what to do for your business but you are actually doing it too. You write at least one page of content for your website during your session. Our experienced trainers are friendly and believe that having a bit of fun aids learning.

Get ahead with content writing, reserve your place.

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